William McClung

Judge, Circuit Court for the Sixth Circuit, 1801-1802

William McClung served as a judge for the re-organized Circuit Court for the Sixth Circuit from 1801 to 1802. Born in Rockbridge County, Virginia in 1758, he graduated from Washington College in 1785 and read law to enter the bar. In 1801, President John Adams nominated McClung to a new seat on the Circuit Court for the Sixth Circuit, created by 2 Stat. 89. He was confirmed by the US Senate on February 24, 1801 and received his commission the same day. McClung's federal judicial service ended the following year on July 1, 1802, due to abolition of the circuit court seats created under 2 Stat. 89. He then became a judge for Nelson County Circuit Court in Kentucky, holding that office until his death in 1811.