Hiram Church Ford

Senior Judge, Eastern District of Kentucky, 1935-d.1969

Hiram Church Ford served as District Judge for the Eastern District of Kentucky from 1935 to 1969. Ford was born in Scott County, Kentucky in 1884. He received his undergraduate degree from Georgetown College in 1905 and then received his law degree from Transylvania University in 1907. From 1907 to 1935, Ford practiced law at a private firm while also serving as a Scott County attorney (1910-1926) and Circuit Judge for the 14th Kentucky Judicial District (1931-1935). Ford was nominated by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1935 to a seat vacated by Judge Andrew M. J. Cochran. He was confirmed by the Senate on March 27, 1935. Ford was the first Democrat in 74 years to serve as a District Judge on the Eastern District Court. He served as chief judge from 1948 to 1963 and assumed senior status on January 1, 1963. Ford passed away on June 8, 1969.